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The Dart Shooter

The Dart Shooter

This scribe reminds me of my sons darts that mysteriously have ended up in every crevice of my house :)


These were inspired by my gentleman cookiers, and cookiers who like me, have boys and lots of dart around the house that I've stepped on in the wee hours of the night! :) Or find in the pockets of my purse :) 


These RUGGEDLY HANDSOME scribes are handmade and embellished with a HANDSOME candy bear charm. They can be used for popping air bubbles in your royal icing, unclogging your decorating tips, on point sprinkle placement, and more! The 4" needle is stainless steel and the silicone beads are 100% food grade and FDA approved. Care Instructions & Safety: Always keep the tip of your scribe clean for best results. Wipe the tip with a damp towel or paper cloth and pat dry. DO NOT submerse your scribe in water and/or DO NOT soak it. Your beads will not be so sparkly after that.


The parts are not dishwasher safe and most importantly MUST be kept away from small children, pets and people that need to use them in the garage for something "really quick" :) .

  • Giving Back

    With every scribe purchase, a donation is made to the Look Good Feel Better organization.


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