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The Beary Awesome Cookie & Brown Sugar Saver

The Beary Awesome Cookie & Brown Sugar Saver

This beary cute brown sugar saver cannot wait to snuggle in your brown sugar container and extend the freshness of your brown sugar. 


The Beary Awesome Brown Sugar Saver is made of high-fired, food-safe terracotta clay.  


Your brown sugar will stay soft for up to 3-6 months between uses.  

  • How To Use:

    Simply soak it in clean warm water for 15-20 minutes.  Then take it out of the water and pat him dry!!  Once you've patted him dry simply place him in your brown sugar storage container and Voila! 

  • Uses:

    You can also use him to keep the moisture in your cookies by placing him on your cookie sheet in between decorating cookies.  (Picture #6)

    The multi-functional terracotta bear can also be used dry, without soaking!  He can be used to absorb moisture and keep spices, salt, crackers, and chips dry and crispy!

    It even triples as a bread warmer by simply warming in the oven, then adding it to the bread basket to keep buns and rolls toasty warm.

  • Measurements

    This Beary Awesome Brown Sugar Bear bear measures 2. 5 inches long by 1. 75 inches wide and 0. 5 inches deep.

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