Happy Package #1

Happy Package #1

There is ALWAYS a reason to celebrate and share the HAPPY!!  I have learned this at a young age.  Whatever the reason, we have got you covered!  


This listing is for 1 Happy Package that includes:

  • Cute & Fun Pen (pens will vary)
  • Starbucks or Target Gift Card $5
  • Notepad of paper-for quick cookie ideas, grocery lists, inspirational quotes, etc. ( Colors vary)
  • Personalized Handwritten Card with envelope on specialty sparkly paper (Colors will vary)
  • Candy 
  • Free sample of Tipless bags


Do you want to say "Hey There Friend"; "Hello Lovely"; "Happy Birthday";  to a friend/fellow cookier, your wife or husband?  Or how about "Thinking of you with your 1000th cookie order this week!!"; Or is your loved one or cookier friend doing their first popup and you want to congratulate them!!  Or did your favorite cookier make some amazing cookies for them and you just want to say THANKS!?   


PLEASE NOTE: If you DON'T HAVE their address, DON'T WORRY!  You will have the option to leave me their handle and name below so that I may source that for you.  I will still do my best to get them out same day if ordered before noon, being that I am able to get the information I need :)


    How amazing are you for thinking of someone else and wanting them to surprise them!  If you DO NOT have their address, please include their Name and Handle below and I will request it from them directly.  I WILL NOT give away the surprise :)   


    If I can accommodate a particular color scheme, I will.  Just leave me a note and I will do my very best to do so.  


    Please purchase them separately.  If purchased together, your order will be cancelled.  Thank you for understanding.  

  • Processing/Shipping

    If your order is placed before noon PST, it will go out same day.

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